Elders to sanitise shrine after Muturi’s disputed coronation

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 00:00 | By
Mt Kenya Foundation Chairperson Dr.Peter Munga.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Some elders drawn from the Agikuyu community now say they will perform a cleansing rite at the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine in Murang’a county following the coronation of Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi on Saturday.

Quick to dismiss any fallout within the community, the elders said the rituals which were conducted may have negative consequences on the community as they were performed by people who are not mandated by the community customs to do so.

 The elders drawn from Kikuyu Council of Elders (KCE), Kiama kia Ma, Athamaki and Atonyi, the elders reaffirmed President Uhuru Kenyatta as the official Kikuyu community spokesperson dismissing the other group for misleading Muturi.

 “The events over the weekend caught me by surprise as we are the only leaders, who are mandated  to make key decisions, permit and conduct all cultural rites and ceremonies as we also give directions on matters of culture, political leadership and unity,” said Secretary General KCE Peter Munga.

Desecrate shrine  

Munga added: “Hon Muturi has a constitutional and democratic right to aspire for any office of his choice but he was misled by renegade elders to blatantly disrespect and desecrate the most revered Agikuyu shrine.”

According to Munga, the activities were more of trespass as the shrine is reserved for serious rites like praying for blessings, asking for divine intervention anytime there is a crisis and also thanking God anytime there is a bumper harvest.

 The group further accused Captain Kung’u Muigai of  using the council of elders for his own selfish political gains.

“Captain Kung’u was banished from Kiama and for the record, he is not allowed to attend, preside over or even oversee any cultural event,”  said Chair KCE Wachira Kiago (pictured).

However, in a rejoinder, Kung’u maintained that he is still the Patron of the council and the elders have no moral authority to correct him.

“These people should leave me alone and for the record, they don’t have any responsibility to correct me. I am an elder like them,” he said.

Kung’u added: “ If they want to anoint their own leaders they have the freedom to do so”.

 The coronation of Muturi has continued to draw mixed reactions even after it emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta was  aware of the plans

Muturi was crowned in a highly guarded ceremony that saw more than  1,000 elders from several counties congregate at the shrine.

Elders who spoke during the ceremony said Muturi’s coronation as the spokesperson would heal the divisions that have split the region politically.

Professor Peter Kagwanja said the elders had congregated in search of a king and not a politician.

 “Never again have we done what we have done here today in the manner that we have done it. It brings to the conclusion a long journey that started in Meru, went to Mbeere and Embu, and is nowhere. We are looking for a person to whom we can go for counsel,” he said.

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