Embattled MP blames opponents over repeated beatings at home

By David Musundi
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020
Saboti MP Caleb Amisi.
In summary

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi is a man on the run, literally. For the last two days, the first term MP has suffered the wrath of his constituents and on two occasions, has been forced to seek refuge in schools or police stations for his safety.

Yesterday, the youthful legisltor i escaped narrowly after police officers acted swiftly and dispersed a horde of angry youths, who were baying for his blood.

The officers, from the Kitale Police Station managed to rescue the lawmaker after he was confronted by the would be attackers around St Joseph’s area in his constituency. 

County Police Commander Frederick Ochien’g, said the youths who were travelling on several motorcycles, were repulsed and escaped leaving behind their motorcycles which were towed to the police station. 

It was the second day Amisi was fleeing from his own constituents.

On Monday evening, Amisi was roughed up and forced to seek refuge at Kitale police station.

The outspoken ODM lawmaker, was confronted and manhandled by rowdy youth accusing him allegedly neglecting them.

Amisi was launching a parallel signature collection at Central Primary school when angry youth stormed the institution and confronted him.

Rowdy youth

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba, were launching similar exercise at Kitale ASK Showground at the time. 

The youth from Matisi on the outskirts of the confronted and roughed up the MP, accusing him of giving them empty promises, that he would help them initiate income generating activities.

Efforts by the lawmaker to make peace with the group numbering about 100 failed.

The MP with the help of his handlers managed to flee the hostile youth and drove speedily to Kitale police station.

The youths claimed that the MP has been giving them unfulfilled promises and vowed never to allow him set foot in the constituency. 

“The youth charged at the MP. They manhandled him and it took the intervention of his handlers to free the MP from the hands of his attackers,” an eyewitness said to the People Daily in Kitale. 

The cornered MP sped off from the school as the angry youth gave chase before he sought refuge at the police station.

The shaken MP even avoided the Covid-19 protocols of washing hands and jumped out of his car before hiding in the Kitale OCS’s office. 

The MP later addressed a group of his electorates where he linked the attacks to his political rivals. He denied claims that he had failed to honour pledges to support local youth.

“I have helped several youth in the constituency. Some few disgruntled youths are being used by my opponents to fight me, but they will not succeed,” he said.


Describing the incident as unfortunate, Amisi listed a number of youth he had supported to change their lives and branded his attackers as ‘betrayers.’

“This is a sad incident in my life. How can my own electorates whom I have helped turn against me. I have done my best to transform the constituency than my colleagues.

It is absurd that some of you have attacked and beaten me, and I had to escape to police for protection,” the MP lamented.

The county police boss said police had launched investigations. 

County commissioner Sam Ojwang warned that the government would not allow hooliganism.