Embu Deputy Governor resigns from health docket, accuses Wambora of mistreatment

By , People Daily Digital
Monday, January 10th, 2022 17:46 | 2 mins read
Embu deputy governor David Kariuki who resigned from the health docket.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Embu Deputy Governor David Kariuki who is also the County Executive Committee (CEC) member in charge of health has resigned from the health docket.

Speaking at the National Independent Churches of Africa, Kairuki said the office of the governor failed to accord him the necessary support to better health services in the county.

Kariuki said the docket was being used to taint his name

"I was given the health docket in April last year to be in charge of all health facilities in the county. I have tirelessly worked for the people of Embu but no support has been channeled to me by the county government. I don't want to be blamed for things I have not done," Kariuki said.

Kariuki asserted that he has already written the letter to the office of the governor to have the docket re-assigned.

The deputy governor has declared his senatorial bid and it is rumoured that Embu governor Martin Wambora might be running for the same seat.

It is alleged that the plot to have the deputy governor given health docket was a politically calculated move meant to have him to carry the burden of failures that locals have been complaining of in the health sector.

Last year, there was a series of strikes by health workers citing several issues the county government had failed to meet.

Some of the issues include delayed salaries, failure by the county government to remit third party deductions to relevant bodies among other grievances.

However, Embu Senator Njeru Ndwiga has differed with the deputy governor over his action stating that it was not the only way to tackle the issue.

He said it was devastating to see Embu county, which receives Ksh8.6 million from the national government have patients suffer from lack of health services.

According to Ndwiga, the action by the deputy governor to leave the health docket might worsen the already failed docket.

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