Embu: Transport paralysed as bridge collapses in Mbeere

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 19:11 | By
Transport has been paralyzed in Mbeere North after a bridge that connects Mumenji and Ishiara collapsed. PHOTO/Brian Malila

Transport has been paralyzed in Mbeere North, Embu County after a bridge that connects Mumenji and Ishiara collapsed.

The bridge collapsed when a lorry that was ferrying sand from Kirie to Ishiara was crossing.

However, the driver did not sustain injuries.

Ndwiga Njeru, who is a resident of Karerema village where the bridge is located, said that the bridge was built in the 80s and its collapse has subjected locals to untold suffering.

"We are calling on the government to come to our rescue because this bridge serves more than 5,000 people who now have a problem in their movements. Even the distributors of basic commodities here cannot reach the villages," Ndwiga said.

He also said many students cross through the bridge when going to school but with its collapse, they will not be able to reach school.

Peter Ireri, a farmer in the area, said he could not take his produce to the market due to transport problems saying no vehicle can pass through the bridge.

Ireri noted that there is a need for urgent intervention and restore normalcy since the locals are suffering.

Ruto used the bridge

Nicholeta Wanyaga urged President William Ruto to direct immediate reconstruction of the bridge saying that the President passed there during this year's campaign.

Geoffrey Gachucha, a priest in the area, alluded that the bridge has been weak for some time and that it was not constructed using modern technology.

"The bridge had loosened. It had become very weak indeed. Many lorries carrying luggage from this area pass through here and due to the heavy weight then it has been carrying may have led to its collapse," Gachucha said.

Evurori Ward Member of County Assembly Duncan Mbui urged the government to put aside an emergency fund for the bridge in order to rescue the locals from transport challenges.

He noted that the bridge facilitated many businesses in the area which have now been paralyzed.

"This bridge lies under the national government and it has collapsed rendering locals to a big problem," he said.

Further, he urged the government to ensure frequent maintenance of the bridges.

Mbui said the bridge is a risk to the community, especially during this time when the rain is at the corner.

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