Face masks aided IEBC officials to campaign for UDA in polling stations -Kioni

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 14:09 | By
Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni PHOTO/Courtesy
Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni PHOTO/Courtesy

Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni insists the August 9 polls in Mount Kenya were rigged in favour of candidates of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Speaking to a local vernacular TV station, Kioni alleged that senior officials of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission were involved in the scheme.

The outgoing Ndaragwa Member of Parliament was among several senior Jubilee lawmakers who lost their seats in the August 9 general election, in what has been described as a UDA wave in the backyard of Jubilee party leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

While casting doubt on the credibility of the electoral process, Kioni claimed the UDA politicians juggled their way to victory through massive electoral malpractices.

He alleged that senior IEBC officials wore face masks in polling stations which helped them to converse with voters without being noticed.

"We have secured intelligence reports that all senior Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) wore face masks that aided them to campaign for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidates inside the voting halls," Kioni said.

"When you have a face mask on, your lips cannot be seen and the voice is stifled. They influenced the voters to vote us out," he said.

Kioni collecting evidence

He said the Jubilee party is currently profiling the officials and will provide 'shocking' evidence soon.

"We are profiling the IEBC officers who presided over the elections. It employed people from one community and related friends and families. The things that our petitions in the governor, senator, woman rep, parliamentary and MCA seats will expose will shock you," he added.

Hitting out at religious leaders over partisan politics, Kioni said a section of the clerics were 'being more poisonous than politicians for cohesiveness in the country.'

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