Faith at work: Where there’s a will…there is a way

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Where there’s a will…

Where did your love story begin? 

Esther: We met in a butchery. We were neighbours; he lived in a children’s home near our home. I had gone to buy meat and found him there.

What a snob I was; he greeted me and I didn’t respond. His answer to that started the conversation and long time friendship that lasted to marriage.

How did you start dating?

He tried to persuade me for a year and a half till I accepted to be his girlfriend, though at first, I just accepted because I wanted him off my trail, but later on, I realised he was my match.

What are some of the qualities you like about him?

I like the fact that he is God-fearing, a go-getter and passionate about life. It’s not easy to bring him down and at one point, I confused it as pride. He has a positive attitude towards life.

So how did your go-getter man propose? Was it a surprise?

Yes it was. He proposed on my bridal shower day, a week to the wedding. He planned the bridal shower with my friends. He lied to me that we were going to see his ‘sister’ pande za Githurai (around Githurai).

On reaching there, I was surprised that my friends were there also, as the bridal shower was also a surprise. I had waited for so long for his proposal, but he had other plans and other ways to surprise me.

How was your wedding planning? Did you involve your committee or planner?

We didn’t use a planner, but we received help from our friends, family members, the pastor and church members. Yes, we had a committee.

How did you ensure the committee delivered on pledges and commitment?

It’s just God’s favour, I would say. The meetings took place in church and members were committed since day one. We worship in the same church and they have seen us grow together, so I guess it was easier.

For pledges, we had no control over it, but we thank God for those who honoured, because it came in handy. Since both of us are in ministry, we interact a lot with many people in and outside the country, who helped us cater for our simple wedding.

One thing we learnt during our wedding preparation was always put God first in everything. If it’s possible, have your friends in the committee to avoid unnecessary drama.

What were you doing the day before the wedding? Were you all set?

We were prepared and everything was set for us to say ‘I do’. I was making my nails while my hubby was having his hair done.

What was memorable on the D-day?

The whole wedding was just what we wanted, but most of all, taking our vows before God and men was just wow.

Our past isn’t something anyone would want to be part of as for both of us, our parents never had successful marriages and they also didn’t get married in church (mine passed on a year apart).

So, for us to do it and be the first ones in our families to do a church wedding was and will always be memorable. We set a trend for our siblings and, being a youth leader, other youth.

My favourite part was when he shed some tears as I walked down the aisle. Everything went as planned, it was just amazing. Looking back, I don’t think we encountered any serious troubles from the onset.

Advice to those planning a wedding?

Trust God. We relied on God a 100 per cent, given our background. We only had God and each other. What kept us going is that we were sure about us and the timing too. Just rely on God and He will make everything work out. Nothing more, nothing less.

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