Farm**s rush to take advantage of rain in drought-hit Bahati

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 08:30 | By
Farmers in Bahati, Nakuru county, plant vegetables following the start of short rains. PD/Raphael Munge

Farmers in Bahati have begun preparing their land in anticipation of short rainfall as predicted by the Meteorological Department.

According to the weatherman, the outlook for this month to January 2023 indicates that the whole country will experience below-average rainfall and warmer-than-average temperatures.

Despite the depressed rains, isolated episodes of heavy storms are still likely to occur in several parts of the country this month.

Eunice Kagima, a farmer, said they have begun preparing their land to plant maize and other short-term crops to ensure they boost food production.

She said the government had provided subsidised fertiliser which could bring down the cost of production.

“We are confident that the rains will continue. This will, in turn, ensure that we recover from the current food insecurity in Kenya,” said Kagima.

She at the same time called on other farmers to take advantage of the short rains to till their lands to boost food security.

“If farmers make the best use of their land, we expect that food security, by around March next year, will help tackle the harsh effects of drought,” said Kagima.

On his part, Jacob Mwaura said crops that take about three months to mature would be ideal for the present weather, urging farmers to take advantage of the short rains.

“This will help strengthen our country’s food balance sheet, thereby averting cases of shortages. The rains have begun and that’s a good thing,” said Mwaura.

He listed cabbages, kales, tomatoes, and hybrid varieties of maize and beans as some of the short-term crops that farmers may profit from in the ongoing rains.

“Though we have some rains, the same is not likely to be adequate for recovery from the current poor nutrition and food insecurity situation, but it is a good step,” said Mwaura.

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