Fishermen cry foul over illegal fishing

Monday, March 28th, 2022 08:00 | By

Fishermen in Lake Naivasha have given the State a one-week ultimatum to deal with the runaway illegal fishing.

They noted that fish catch had dropped by over 80 per cent in the last two months after the Kenya Coast Guards Service (KCGS) down-scaled its operations.

The fishermen say that since last year, fish catch in the lake had risen by over 90 per cent following the introduction of the KCGS, who managed to do away with the illegal fishermen.

Two months ago, the KCGS made some changes leading to a return of the illegal fishermen into the troubled lake.

Lake Naivasha Network Group secretary Grace Nyambura says  the livelihood of tens of legal fishermen and traders was at risk due to the current threat.

Nyambura called on the KCGS Director General to intervene and increase the current number of officers overseeing fishing activities in the lake.

Asking for support

“The illegal fishermen are back in the lake after the changes made by the KCGS and fish catch is now at the lowest levels ever,” she said yesterday.

Her sentiments were  echoed by the network chairman Paul Olang; “Lake Naivasha is currently at the mercy of illegal fishermen and we are asking for support from coast guards who had done a credible job before their operations were down-scaled .”

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