Fly 748: Smooth transition of power is vote of confidence for airline sector

Monday, September 12th, 2022 00:00 | By

Peaceful elections and smooth transition of power in government will boost confidence in airline sector’s post-pandemic recovery, renowned airline Fly 748 has said today.

The airline said these two factors will help travelers resume business and leisure activities faster to sustain an already strong momentum towards the sector’s return to full recovery recorded in 2019.

“A relative calmness during the political campaign periods, peaceful voting process and a general positive sentiment from travelers and foreign investors in this year’s elections gives us confidence that economic activities will resume faster, giving a further boost to airline recovery prospects,” said Fly 748 Managing Director, Moses Mwangi.

Latest, International Air Transport Association (IATA) data shows African airlines are recording strong demand for passenger traffic since lockdowns and border restrictions begun easing late last year.

By June 2022, both domestic and international traffic remained strong with figures showing significant growth compared to those of 2021.

Africa’s International traffic rose with an increase of 103.6 percent over the year to June 2022, the recovery was around 35 percent below their 2019 levels. Similarly, total June 2022 domestic traffic across the globe was at 81.4 percent of the June 2019 level.

“Without disruptions in government transition, we expect this positive momentum to continue and hopefully airlines return to profitability as we head to high tourism season and as businesses begins rolling out long term activities,” said Fly 748 Chairman, Ahmed Jibril.

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