Form One admissions: High turnout registered in Kisumu

Thursday, May 5th, 2022 11:30 | By
A student and a parent at Kisumu Girls' High School. PHOTO/Viola Kosome

The admission of Form One students was marked with a huge turnout in various schools within Kisumu County as the exercise officially kicked off on Wednesday.

The admission saw parents flock to schools in Kisumu with long lines being evident.

At Kisumu Girls' High School, parents started arriving as early as 5 am in a bid to keep their children in school.

Tabitha Onditi, the School's Deputy Principal in charge of administration, revealed to us that they are expecting 400 students and by noon, 220 were already admitted.

"Parents started coming in by 5 am but we began admissions at around 7:45 so as not to keep those that had already arrived waiting for long hours," she said.

She told People Daily Digital that they did not face any challenges while admitting the students as everything went on smoothly.

"We started so early and the process has since moved on so well without any hitches being faced," she said.

She said they were not turning down those parents who had not come with all requirements including those who did not clear the school fees.

"We are not insisting on the requirements but we are requesting parents to cooperate and pay the first term fees so that we are able to settle the students and embark on learning," she said.

On her side, Rose Odhiambo, the teacher in charge of the boarding department, said that they have been able to convert five classrooms into dormitories to accommodate the students.

"I want to say that the population we have currently cannot fit in our dorms but we have converted some five classrooms which are in a good state to act as dormitories," she said.

Other schools in Kisumu

In Kisumu Boys, at least 27 students were admitted on Tuesday and 400 reported to the school on Wednesday.

According to the School's Principal Eric Duya, the school is expecting to admit more than 600 students by Friday.

While at Lions High School, high turnout was also experienced with more than 300 being admitted.

According to the School Principal Madam Eudia Oyier, even though they are expecting 750 students, they do not have enough classrooms to accommodate them but are currently working on the situation.

"We do not have enough classrooms to accommodate the Form Ones once they all arrive but we have tents which we will improvise," she said.

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