Former FKF chief executive demands  Kenya must rethink its position on Fifa

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 02:00 | By
Former FKF CEO Lordvick Aduda. SPORTPICHA

Former Football Kenya Federation chief executive Lordvick Aduda yesterday asked the government to soften its stance as it tries to unlock the impasse with Fifa in an effort to lift the suspension of the country by the global football governing body. 

 Aduda said in as much as Kenyans are for the change of the FKF constitution, any amendments must be made with Fifa rules in mind.

 He stated that the FKF constitution would not be recognised by Fifa if the whole process is conducted by the Football Caretaker Committee.

Never engage

 “Let us be honest with Kenyans and tell them the truth. FKF was not disbanded. That’s a misconception. The organ that was disbanded was the national executive committee. So the other organs and committee were not disbanded.

So if you want to amend the constitution, the FKF General Assembly is the organ responsible for amending or adopting the constitution. You cannot amend the constitution if you’re not a member of the FKF,” said Aduda in an interview with a  local  TV station on Monday.

 He told the caretaker committee to engage and work with the committees and the secretariat at the FKF office if they want the whole process of amending the constitution be ratified and recognised by Fifa.

 “The Caretaker committee is not a member of Fifa or CAF and there is no way it can engage with them. It has never engaged and will never engage with the caretaker committee. So, let’s be honest with Kenyans. Fifa and CAF only talks to member associations and that’s the procedure and we cannot be twisted,” offered Aduda.

 He said we must take responsibility by ensuring that those who are investigated and found culpable are removed as per the constitution and allow those not under investigation to keep discharging their mandate and help in streamlining all that needs to be streamlined so as to cure the disease killing out football.

 In his rebuttal, FKF Caretaker Committee Chairman of Leagues and Competition Ali Amour, however, underlined transparency in finance, governance, structures and compliance as the four things that need to be achieved to help get Kenyan football on track.

Nine bans

 “If you look at the talents we have in the country, and the structures in place, we can’t even capture them. We are supposed to have a youth team in Under-12, Under-15, Under-17, Under-20, and Under-23. And given a situation where we have these youth football structures in all the 47 counties, how many kids will benefit? so it’s down to transparency,” Ali said.

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