Gachagua threatens to sack chiefs over banditry menace in Samburu

Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 16:02 | By
Gachagua threatens to sack chiefs over banditry menace in Samburu
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua speaking durig the Sunday Mass and a fundraiser at St Francis Xavier Parish in Baragoi Town, Samburu County. PHOTO/Rigathi Gachagua(@rigathi)/X

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed concerns over the security situation in Samburu County amid recent bandit attacks.

Speaking during a church service in Baragoi on Sunday, December 3, the country's second-in-command pledged government support to end the menace that has claimed the lives of dozens of civilians as well as security officers.

Gachagua noted that the government was seized of the situation as he assured residents of stiffer measures to deal with cattle rustling in the area.

He pledged to ensure officers at the Loruko Police Post are provided with a vehicle to help them with their movements during their day and night patrols.

"I have directed the Inspector General of Police to give the station a vehicle to aid the officers' operations," Gachagua stated in response to a request from local leaders.

According to Gachagua, a recent operation mounted by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in the banditry-prone northern region had begun to bear fruits.

Sending a stern warning to the bandits, the DP urged locals to cooperate with security agencies to end the banditry menace.

"These cattle rustling activities are outdated cultural practices. We won't allow the killing of innocent people," Gachagua stated.

At the same time, Gachagua urged local administrators including chiefs and assistant chiefs to step up the war against illegal arms in the county.

The DP, while urging locals to surrender illegal firearms, warned the local chiefs of disciplinary action if cases of banditry are reported in their areas during the forthcoming Christmas and New Year festivities.

"Tukisikia mlio wa risasi kwa sub-location yako wewe chief utaenda nyumbani (If we hear gunshots in your sub-location, you as the area chief will go home)," Gachagua warned the administrators adding that he was speaking on behalf of President William Ruto.

In March, President Ruto affirmed that the government would not relent until security was restored in the volatile North Rift and Northern region.

"I am absolutely confident that we can rely on the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and our security system to secure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kenya. We will be decisive in eliminating banditry and neutralise every bandit who defies the government and attempts any illegal or criminal act," President Ruto warned when he presided over the commissioning parade of General Service Officer cadets and graduate officers in Lanet Military Academy in Nakuru.

"Every bandit must be brought to book, every illegal gun surrendered willingly or by force. And every child must go back to school," he added.

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