Get to know fast-rising music group Northlando254

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Northlando254 is a fast-rising and vibrant Kenyan music group.

Northlando254 is a fast-rising and vibrant Kenyan music group. Their latest release Fifi Ndege has been the talk of town as they try to scale their way up the musical scene. Chebet Korir chats with them about their talents and inspirations.

Who are Northlando254? 

We are a group of five musicians namely James Gitau aka Rhonixx, Martin Mbugua (Skiitaz), Stephen Kang’ethe (Sanchez Music), Peter Mungai (Peejay) and the lady of the group Elsie Wairimu aka Big Nimoh. 

How did the group come to being?

We realised we had talent in music and we all had the urge of becoming musicians.

We used to meet after school and each one of us would share their lyrics to songs.

Since then, we have been nurturing our talents until we released our debut song two months ago, following it up with our second Hustler Nation early this month.

Your first song Fifi Ndege has since its release gained a lot of traction. What’s the song all about? 

Our first project Fifi Ndege was just a feel-good song that appreciates the African woman.

If we don’t appreciate the ‘Africanism’ in us who will? And music is just one among other powerful tools that we can express ourselves through.

The reception been so good and we are being motivated by the audience feedback. We are also taking criticism positively. 

How can you describe your music style? 

Our music is just a fusion of many genres. Sanchez sings dancehall, Peejay and Big Nimo do hip-hop, while Skiitaz and Rhonnixx do gengetone. We just combine all our efforts to make one big song.

What keeps the five of you grounded?

First of all it’s God. He has been too good to us. Secondly, a well-driven team behind us (the management) that ensures all is taken care of.

We also respect each other and discipline is always on the forefront. 

What do you think are the major loopholes in the Kenyan music scene?

There are so many people who criticise upcoming acts. People have underestimated us and we have lacked airplay on the mainstream media just because we are up and coming.

We acknowledge that positive and negative feedback help, but let’s have people who can walk with us and guide us.

As a group, who do you look up to?

We look up to Sauti Sol, Elani, H_art The Band and also the defunct music group Camp Mulla.

All these groups worked together and realised so much access. We also want to follow the same path and be a group known to be disciplined and focused as well. 

Do you have any plans for collaborations?

Yes, we do. We are in talks with a few artistes any hopefully by the beginning of 2021 we will have a few collabos out.

It will also be a pleasure growing and learning from various artistes. For now we cannot mention specific names, but big projects are in the pipeline. 

What’s the best advice you’ve received thus far? 

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. Hard work and your efforts will one day pay off. 

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