Give new varsity funding model a chance, says Mugenda

Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 01:41 | By
Former Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor Prof, Olve Mugenda. PHOTO/Print

Former Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor Prof, Olve Mugenda has told Kenyans to keenly read the government’s new university and colleges funding model instead of rushing to criticise it.

Mugenda (pictured), a researcher and academic administrator urged Kenyans to give the new model a keener cross-examination saying the government has good intentions for all students, their social-economic status and backgrounds notwithstanding.

She made the remarks at a time when the new funding system has been largely faulted by parents, the opposition leaders and universities who claim it has denied thousands of students an opportunity to continue with their education.

The education players have been disapproving of the model as one that will increase college dropouts and increase fee burden to parents amidst the harsh economy.

In the model by President William Ruto-led administration, students will be banded according to their financial and economic strengths with those deemed vulnerable or very needy getting 100 per cent government funding through scholarships and loans, while those deemed needy and less needy getting 93 per cent government funding with families or households paying 7 per cent.

While its critics claim it has shifted the burden of funding college studies from government to parents, professor Mugenda says that parents will only be required to pay small amounts of money as fees as the government has provided loans to the students which they will start paying upon completion of their studies.

She spoke at KCA university’s 15th graduation where 4, 051 conferred with degrees and awarded diplomas in various areas of specialisation.

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