President Ruto says Google, Apple want to employ Kenyans

Sunday, October 1st, 2023 15:06 | By
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President William Ruto during a past event. PHOTO/Facebook(@williamsamoei)

President William Ruto has announced that tech giants, Google, Intel, and Apple want to employ Kenyans.

Speaking on Sunday, October 1, 2023, the President noted that the latest announcement aligns with his administration's manifesto that aims to actualise the digital superhighway potential.

He also noted that the move is part of his administration's plan to create job opportunities for Kenyan youths countrywide.

At the same time, the country's Head of State announced that the government will construct ICT hubs in each ward to provide training to the youths in the digital space.

"Hapa Lang'ata, Nairobi na Kenya agenda yetu ya pili ya kuzalisha ajira tumesema tunaweka ICT hub katika kila ward, every ward in Kenya itakua na ICT hub mahali tutaweka computer, vifaa zingine, vijana mia tatu, mia nne, mia tano, tuwapangie ajira ya mtandao," he stated.

The President went on to state that he had negotiated with the three tech companies and together they had mutually agreed to present thousands of youths with the opportunities.

"We have negotiated with many companies. Nilikua marekani juzi, nimetembelea campuni ya google, Aintel, Apple, hizo Kampuni zote wanatafuta wafanyikazi 100,000, 2000,000, 300,000 na hao wafanyikazi ni vijana wetu wa Kenya," Ruto added.

Earlier, Ruto said that the government will construct 100,000 kilometres of digital superhighway to enhance digital access in the country.

"Kenya is a country of great opportunities, especially in the tech space. When we went around, the people of Kenya told us they want technology to drive our economy. The digital superhighway is going to be built to enable internet access in our homes, cities and towns and every part of the country," Ruto said at the time.

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