Governor Lenku and predecessor Nkedianye clash, almost go physical at fundraiser

Sunday, June 13th, 2021 12:23 | By

Lenku and Nkedianye clash at a fundraiGovernor Joseph Ole Lenku and former governor David Nkedianye on Saturday engaged in heated bitter harsh words in a seemingly political supremacy battle that saw the two leaders discredit each in public.

The two leaders spoke during a medical fundraiser for former Kajiado West Member of Parliament Moses Ole Sakuda held at Kimuka, Ngong in Kajiado North with hundreds of residents in attendance.

Nkedianye, who spoke first, told Lenku on the face that he has a few months to hand over the county chief mantle back to him, words that did not go well with Lenku.

A bitter Lenku instead accused Nkedianye of spreading unfound propaganda to woo voters and also rubbished Nkedianye leadership saying their leadership skills cannot be compared.

Nkedianye had earlier told the gathering that he was present at Lenku swearing and he handed over the leadership mantle to him but it is time that he picks it from where he had stopped since his development works speaks volume.

"My development record is visible and commendable. From a distance I am watching you(Lenku) approaching in a bus. A bus which I gave you keys. The bus is struggling to take sharp corners, just come, come, and hand over the bus keys to me because I understand the roads better," said Nkedianye who spoke in parable in Maa language.

Nkedianye further asked Kajiado leaders to maintain peace and accept the outcome of any elective seat.

"Wananchi have the power to see and analyze what a leader has done and sideshows and much talk is meaningless. Lets stop straining too much to show our supremacy because by the end of the day the will of the people will prevail,’’ said Nkedianye.

However, Lenku told Nkedianye that his attendance to his inauguration ceremony was a non issue since he would have been sworn in even in his absentia.

"In the recent past you have been going around spreading rumors about me. I respect you but stop telling residents how you attended my inauguration as governor. Your attendance did not matter, it is the people of Kajiado who made a decision through voting that I be sworn in. Also stop this narrative of a bus that you gave me keys. Let me tell you I am past that bus politics. I am riding on a ship and not a bus. Know that I dragged your bus into my ship," Lenku told a cheering crowd.

This comes just a few days after supporters of the two were involved in social media counter attacks.

Unidentified persons photo shopped the title of a local newspaper headline a few hours after the newspaper was published alleging that Nkedianye had pledged to support Lenku.

The social media post spread like bush fire with Nkedianye supporters fighting to counter the post by informing residents that it was fake.

In previous interviews Lenku has admitted that Nkedianye is his only threat among candidates seeking the governor seat in 2022.

Others who have declared interest in the seat include Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko,Kajiado South Mp Katoo Ole Metito, former national transport safety authority (Ntsa) boss Francis Meja and the former Olkejuado County council chairman Tarayia Ole Kores.

The fundraiser also witnessed drama after Kajiado West Mp George Sunkuiya and his supporters who arrived at the fundraiser in style refused to hand over their contribution to governor Lenku who was the master of ceremony collecting monies.

The fundraiser came to a halt for sometime as the supporters of Lenku and Sunkuiya engaged each other in harsh words causing drama.

Lenku supporters instead charged chasing away the Sunkuiya team. The team handed their contributions later after the fund raiser had ended.

Sunkuiya and Lenku have in the recent past been having a frosty working relationship, silent animosity comes out ourightly in their public engagements.

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