Governor Waiguru accuses state of witch-hunt after recent stand on BBI, 2022 politics

Saturday, September 4th, 2021 15:34 | By
Governor Anne Waiguru. Photo/PD/FILE

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is now accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta-led government of a witch-hunt in the latest corruption allegations involving her office.

In a statement she released on her Facebook page on Saturday, September 4, Governor Waiguru faulted the state for targeting her because of her last stand on BBI and statements she made on the 2022 succession politics.

Recently, Waiguru stated that they (Uhuru allies) are yet to decide on who to support for presidency in 2022 raising eyebrows whether she had reneged on her promise of working together with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

According to the former Devolution Secretary, several corruption allegations have been thrown at her office after she appeared to deviate from a political stand that was deemed right by seemingly key players in the government.

This comes after the EACC accused the first-term governor of making an irregular payment amounting to Ksh52 million, claims Waiguru has denied.

"Last time I said … “on BBI let me keep quiet a bit...” immediately, EACC raided my office…  Recently I said am “… introspecting on the political way forward…”  and again, immediately I get EACC summons complete with all the subtle threatening inflexibilities… and media alerts on an alleged payment of 52m," Waiguru said.

According to Waiguru the amount in question is yet to be paid.

She says the amount was to sort a 2010 pending bill that was to cater for allocation and subdivision of land meant for a settlement scheme.

"The alleged payment was allocated by County Assembly - for a pending bill that was acquired in 2010, for subdivision, allocation and cadastral mapping of over 7000 acres of South Ngariama Settlement Scheme and which EACC knows has not even been paid," Waiguru added.

Waigiru questioned the motive of recent corruption allegations thrown at her office given that they come at a time her remarks seem to have been deemed unfit by a section of people in the government.

“Is it just coincidence, witch-hunt, or the usual attempt to shape narratives for 2022 succession politics?” she posed.

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