66-year-old grandmother recalls how grandson took Ksh2K from her, held her captive for 6hrs

Saturday, March 18th, 2023 12:43 | By
Grandson holds grandma hostage
Lydia Chepng'etich chained by her grandson. PHOTO/Courtesy

When 66-year-old Lydia Chepng'etich hosted her grandson to live with her for three weeks she did not imagine that he would turn against her and cause her pain and misery.

Narrating her unfortunate ordeal, the senior citizen recounted that her son held her hostage inside her bedroom for six hours demanding that she gives him money.

Prior to the incident, the two who stayed at Ngata in Rongai sub-county, Nakuru county had shared breakfast together.

However, things changed an hour later when Chpeng'etich realised her metal box which she used to store money was open.

Upon checking, she realised that the box had been broken into and her Ksh2,000 stolen.

The woman consequently asked her grandson if he knew what had transpired. Her grandson denied insisting that he had not broken into the box. He offered to help the old lady search for the money in question.

As they were searching, the grandson angrily suggested that they check her bedroom just to counter-check that she had not dropped the money.

Held hostage

It was at this point that the young man attacked his grandmother. He strangled her as he pulled her towards the bedroom.

The man covered his grandmother's mouth with a piece of cloth and chained her feet before tying her hands from the back.

"He was shaking. He asked me if I would tell other people what had transpired, but I pleaded with him to spare my life, assuring him I will not disclose it to anyone. He went ahead and threatened to kill me if I dared reveal the secret," she recounted.

The grandmother recalled that her grandchild also took a knife which he placed on the cupboard to threaten her. He also asked her to give him money in exchange for her freedom.

Upon realisation that the lady was not financially capable of meeting his demands, the young man put on loud music and left the room.

He later returned with three bananas which he forced his grandmother to eat. The old lady recalled that she negotiated to only have one banana since she was managing her blood sugar levels.

He agreed, however, when she requested to be let loose so that she is able to visit the bathroom to relieve herself the man refused stating that she was plotting to set him up and free herself. He left after that.


Chepng'etich was rescued by a neighbour's son returning home from school. The child called his parents who swiftly rushed to check. The parents later informed neighbours who called the police.

"He tied me from 10 am in the morning to 4 pm when children were coming from school, I had tried raising the alarm but no one heard me, I had become weak but luckily my neighbour’s child heard me and called his mother," the old lady recounted.

Police who arrived at the scene were forced to break the door since the man had closed the door from the inside.

"We are still in shock, the incident is traumatising, and we hope she will get through it. We don’t know how the grandson escaped. He closed the door from inside, and the police are the ones who opened the door," Gladys Mokaya, a neighbour told a local publication.

The young man was nabbed by residents on his way back home. The aggrieved locals beat him black and blue before handing him over to the police.

Police who are yet to establish the motive behind the incident say the suspect was rushed to Nakuru Level Five hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

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