GSU officer busted demanding bribe from fellow policeman

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 11:55 | By

It seems as the coronavirus tightens grip on every Kenyan, the good, the bad and the worse of our law enforcers is coming out.

Imagine the whacky scenario of the right-hand demanding bribe from the left hand!

But that’s exactly what happened recently in Ruiru, when a police constable identified as Charles Mbugua was arrested by police officers while…not aiding an injured motorist or a driver whose car had stalled on the road, but…. demanding a bribe from another police officer.

In a bizarre incident on the night of Tuesday, April 14, Mbugua’s woes started when he stopped a vehicle driven by Corporal Bernard Lang’at and attempted to extort money from him for “violating” curfew orders.

Lang’at who alleges that he had come from hospital was stopped by Mbugua and another police impostor identified as Michael Njenga Chege.

It is said an incensed Mbugua and his accomplice took possession of the Lang’at’s car keys and proceeded to demand money from him.

Lang’at, doubting the alleged officer’s identity, raised the alarm after members of the public came to his assistance and arrested the two men.

It was later established that indeed Mbugua was a GSU officer attached to the Unit’s Headquarters in Ruaraka and his companion, Michael Njenga who was a civilian masquerading as police officer!

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