Health officials in Busia County worried over low number of persons going for breast cancer testing

Friday, May 21st, 2021 13:02 | By
Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi addresses the press at a recent function. Photo/PD/FILE

Health officials in Busia County have raised concern over the low number of persons going for breast cancer testing.

Deputy Governor, Moses Mulomi said despite Busia County Referral Hospital (BCRH) being equipped with a mammogram machine, very few residents have come out to undergo early testing of the disease which is among the leading causes of death in the area.

Mulomi regretted that the machine at the facility was being underutilized as very small number of persons were going for the tests.

“I have noticed with a lot of concern that the mammogram machine at the Busia County Referral Hospital is under-utilized with a small number of people going for tests,” he said.

The deputy governor who is also the acting Health Executive stressed the need for the equipment to be utilized by locals to help in the management of the disease.

“I urge all Busia residents especially our women to take the initiative and know their breast cancer status to save themselves incase the disease is discovered to be in early stages,” he appealed.

A survey conducted by the Busia County Health and Sanitation Department between January and September 2020, revealed that of 300 cases of cancer diagnosed, cervical cancer caused the highest number of deaths.

The survey lists cervical cancer at 26 per cent, cancer of the oesophagus at 24 per cent, breast cancer at nine per cent, and prostate cancer at five per cent.

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