Lake Victoria: Hippo mauls fisherman to death

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 13:07 | By
A hippopotamus. PHOTO/Courtesy

A 58-year-old fisherman was killed by a hippopotamus at Mikula beach within Rusinga Island in Suba North Sub-County.

The fisherman, who was identified as Richard Ndege, was attacked Tuesday, March 21 while fishing in Lake Victoria using a traditional fishing trap known locally as Ounga.

According to Mboya Owuor, the Rusinga East Location Chief, Ndege had gone to lay the trap in the lake unaware of the hippo that was hiding in a nearby thicket.

The hippo pounced on him, biting him on his thighs, stomach, and chest before dragging his body into the lake.

“The hippo was just hiding in a thicket ready to attack. It ambushed him and bit him to death,” Mboya narrated.

Hippo attacks along Lake Victoria

The administrator decried increasing cases of hippo attacks along the shores of Lake Victoria that have killed many local residents saying that those who were lucky enough to get away are usually left with permanent injuries.

He added that the rogue wild animals have also caused losses due to the destruction of farms adjacent to the lake.

Chief Owuor said that these attacks have instilled fear in residents at the beach while at the same time called on the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to intervene and curb the human-wildlife conflicts.

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