How DCI, police are working to stop coronavirus spread

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 11:20 | By
DCI boss George Kinoti. Photo/PD/FILE

The National Police Service has come up with a raft of measures aimed at protecting officers and prisoners from infection, and preventing spread of coronavirus.

The directives will see some critical services suspended for some time. Already, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has suspended issuance of Police Clearance Certificate, formerly the Certificate of Good Conduct, and the private fingerprint Forensic services for two weeks.

The DCI will screen and test staff and visitors at the headquarters, according to an official communication from DCI.

Police officers have further been directed to avoid arbitrary arrests and unnecessary detention of suspects for minor offences such as loitering and causing disturbance following directive by Chief Justice David Maraga that no prisoners or remandees will be presented in court in the next two weeks.

“With regard to new arrests, all cases except serious ones will be dealt with at the police stations in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Inspector General of Police,” CJ Maraga said.

Police will have to grant affordable and reasonable bond terms or free police bonds to those accused of minor offences.

Arrests of suspects are to be made when investigations are complete unless circumstances dictate arrest to facilitate investigations. Less serious cases are to be dealt with them at the police stations.

Officers are advised to strictly adhere to the directives on the Bail and Bond Charter, which requires, among others, that petty traffic offenders be put in custody or forced to pay cash bail.

A senior police officer, who talked to People Daily on condition of anonymity, said the service has adequate regulations to ensure that the cells are not congested.

“Some officers are either ignorant of the laws and regulations or deliberately choose to ignore them,” he said.

In case of arrests, the station commander will promptly grant the suspect reasonable bail terms and if denied bail, he or she should be informed why

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