I am not firing any professor, Zack Kinuthia responds to viral video

Saturday, February 1st, 2020 20:43 | By
Youths led by Education Ministry Zachary Kinuthia have rallied to campaign for the BBI PHOTO/COURTESY

The newly appointed Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Education Zachary Kinuthia has refuted claims that he intends to fire Murang'a University professor.

In a viral video, furious Kinuthia is seen speaking to an unnamed professor whom he accusses of negligence.

In this video, furious Kinuthia is accussing the professor of negligence of duty

Further in the video, Kinuthia orders the professor to visit the Ministry of Education headquarters on Monday.

Speaking exclusively to PD Online, Kinuthia revealed that the professor in question had frustrated the operations of a Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) institution in Eastleigh Nairobi.

Kinuthia also revealed that he was speaking to a professor from Murang'a University which which the Eastleigh TVET is a constituent of.

"I wan't the professor to come to the ministry headquarters to explain why the TVET institution is not operating," said Kinuthia.

Kinuthia lamented that despite the institution being complete, the professor had not handed over the keys of the TVET to the principal.

"There are idle youths out there who would benefit from this institution. Why is it not operating yet the government spent hundreds of millions of shillings to construct it" added Zack.

New on the job

Zachary Kinuthia was appointed to the job by President Uhuru Kenyatta during his recent cabinet reshuffle.

Kinuthia, a former student leader of University of Nairobi served as an Academic Affairs Secretary before becoming Sonu Chairman.

As the CAS for Education, Zack has now served for two weeks since his appointment on January 14.

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I am not firing anyone!

Asked if he meant to fire the professor, Kinuthia responded that he wanted the don to explain why the TVET in Easleigh was not operating yet its staff members were being paid.

Kinuthia added that he never intends to use his powers to fire anyone, all he was insisting was performance by public servants.

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