I delivered in Mt Kenya region, President says

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A section of delegates who attended the Sagana State Lodge meeting. PD/Photo credit

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday highlighted key projects accomplished by his administration in the Mt Kenya region in the last nine years as he rallied residents to support Raila Odinga as his successor.

The President said his government had pumped billions of shillings into big projects, contrary to claims by his opponents that he had abandoned the region.

He cited the construction of the 582-kilometre Mau Mau road that cuts across Mt Kenya region counties as one of the projects that will ease travelling and trade in the region.

He also identified the Sagana-Marua dual carriageway and Thiba Dam as among the projects by his government that would improve the lives of residents.

Other things he pointed out were the issuance of 1.6 million title deeds, improving coffee prices to Sh110 per kg and increasing tea prices.

Uhuru spoke when he hosted more than 15,000 grassroots supporters drawn from the region’s 10 counties at Sagana State Lodge in Mathira, Nyeri County.

In a 45-minute address to the cheering attendees, the President dismissed leaders who he said have been telling the people that the region had been given a raw deal by his administration.

Value addition

To set the record straight, President Kenyatta ushered in the Presidential Delivery Unit Director Andrew Wakahiu who gave a 36-minute powerpoint presentation outlining Jubilee administration’s development record across all sectors, particularly  in the Mt Kenya region.

The President said he had connected power to many homes, build over 4,000kms of tarmac road, improved agriculture by enhancing value addition and streamlined policies geared towards making prices of various commodities such as tea and coffee better.

“It is indeed true that you cannot know of all the projects that we have done in this region and the country. But we have resolved to come out to you to let you know what we have so that we can save you from liars,” he said.

He said that unlike his deputy William Ruto and his allies who, he said, have been giving different messages depending on the region, his message on development on the region and the country would remain the same regardless of where he is, adding that any one can confirm by checking the projects.

“Some people are going around cheating people that I have done nothing in matters of development. The fact is that I have done more for this nation than my predecessors,” the President said.

He also challenged leaders to speak the truth in order to take people in the right direction, noting that a huge number of youths had been made to believe that there had been little progress.

“We have a huge number of young people who are of the voting age. They were born when a lot had been done to foster development in the country. They therefore do not have any experience in bad governance. But through proper guidance, we can deliver them from a clique of politicians who are out to misguide them,” he added.

Uhuru vowed to go round the region to deliver the same message he did at the State lodge.

Thousands of grassroots leaders thronged the State Lodge to listen to the President. However, there was confusion at the five checkpoints manned by security officers.

At one point, hundreds of agitated youths defied GSU officers and brought down a wall on the eastern side of the lodge and rushed to the tents. Each guest passed through a table where they were served breakfast.

Popular vernacular radio presenters Benson Gathungu, alias Kiengei wa Toria, and Karwimbo Mukurino, kept the crowd entertained for more than three hours before Uhuru’s arrival.

Secular and gospel artists among them Samido Muchoki, Ben Githae, Syke Junior, Musymo Wa Njeri entertain the crowd.

There was, however, an ugly incident as the President made his address when a group in the midst of the gathering attempted to jeer him only to be ejected by security officials.

Commenting on the matter, Uhuru said that he was aware that his detractors had sent some people to ruin the event.

-Seth Mwaniki

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