Independents in vow to beat DP, Raila favourites

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 00:39 | By

The issuance of direct tickets in the just-ended nominations has stirred a storm in the Orange Democratic Movement, with similar unrest in United Democratic Alliance in Narok and Baringo counties.

Both Kenya Kwanza and Azimio-One Kenya alliances face a revolt from their supporters, with the sidelined aspirants vowing to spoil the party for the two coalitions and are now bracing for an epic political battle in the August 9 polls as independent candidates.

They are crying foul, terming the nomination a sham and protesting against favouritism from the party bigwigs, who are working in cahoots in favour of some candidates. 

Disputes are emanating from the primaries, piling pressure on both Raila Odinga’s ODM and Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance camps. 

Over 10 candidates in Narok, who were seeking UDA tickets for either parliamentary or assembly posts have indicated that they will running as independent candidates.

Those seeking parliamentary seats as independent candidates include Narok lawyer Martin ole Kamwaro and  Kaitikei Rotiken (Narok North, both from ODM), Joel Tasur  Kitilai Ntutu (Narok South-UDA), Joel Tasur (Kilgoris-UDA), Sintamei Kilusu (Woman Rep-Jubilee) and Oloropil ward hopeful Erisha Kuluo (OD).

Kamwaro and Kuluo  said the tablets used during the primaries were not tamper-proof and some of the data that was fed into those gadgets were being done in a  hotel in Narok in favour of his opponents.

“We have evidence that some of these gadgets were seen in some hotels. How come that my own mother, who I registered with in the party, when she went to vote at Enesambulai polling station she was told she has already voted in Baringo,” said Kamwaro.

Another lawyer

Speaking in his Narok residence, the lawyer said a majority of his supporters were turned away from polling centres and told they were voters in Wajir, Bungoma and Kilifi.

 Kamwaro who got 2,328 votes was beaten by another lawyer, Allan Meingati, who garnered 3,071 votes.

In the same constituency, Jubilee aspirant Kaitikei Rotiken has been bundled out of the race after former anti-Female  Genital Mutilation board managing director Agnes Pareyio was handed the ticket on Monday night.

Rotiken has protested the move to give Pareyio a direct ticket.

If Rotiken and Kamwaro go it alone they will face Meingati who trounced Kamwaro in ODM primaries and Pareyio. They will be facing UDA candidate Moses Kirimpoti.   

There is the same disquiet in Narok South after parliamentary aspirants Kitilai Ntutu  and Mopel Sena protested the handing of direct tickets by UDA to Matunke Mayone and even denying the area MP Korei Lemein. The three are seeking tickets to go it alone in the August polls.

There were no nominations in Kilgoris after a direct ticket was dished to Joseph Olooltua. His main competitor in the race, Joel Tasur, expressed fears of interference from the government and powerful party forces.

Kilusu took to her social media handles addressing her supporters  that she has been denied the Jubilee ticket in favour of Jane Nampaso

In Baringo,  Eldama Ravine MP Moses Lessonet and his Mogotio counterpart Daniel Tuitoek  yesterday announced in separate press conferences that they had secured the inod to run as Independents ahead of May 2 deadline.

Lessonet, who is vying for Baringo governorship, claimed that the April 14 UDA nomination was marred by electoral malpractices citing cases of double voting and stuffing of ballot papers in more than 10 polling stations.

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