Jowie advised us against publicising Monica’s death, kin reveals

Thursday, November 21st, 2019 21:19 | By
George Kimani

Slain businesswoman Monica Kimani’s brother yesterday revealed how Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie, advised them against publicising her killing in the media.

George Kimani narrated to the court how he contacted Jowie, the man accused of the murder, to help him with media coverage over the issue.

Kimani told High Court Judge James Wakiaga that after he found his sister brutally murdered and police had taken over the scene, he messaged Jowie about what happened since he thought he could assist with media coverage because his fiancé (Jacque Maribe) worked at Citizen TV at the time.

“After police came, we needed media, so I texted Joe and told him what had happened. He called and asked whether we knew who did it... I told him we did not know, he said the  case won’t go far if the media is involved,” Kimani told the court.

The court heard that Jowie informed Kimani that he had a security company and could assist the family know who murdered Monica.

First met

“I never followed up on his offer, my dad and my uncle went to Citizen TV and they came back with the media,” he told the court.

According to Kimani, Jowie never told him he was with Monica the night she was murdered, he only intimated he had talked to her on the phone.

Kimani said he first met Jowie in 2012 at Kenya Polytechnic as they we were in the same class undertaking a food beverages course. He added that his sister had in early 2018 mentioned to him that she was communicating on Instagram with Jowie.

Kimani said Monica used to live in her apartment with her boyfriend, Yassir Mohammed, a Sudanese, and the country’s director of Caterpillar Inc.

Kimani, who discovered Monica’s body on September 21, 2018, emotionally told of the last moments and conversation he had with her. He described how they had to break down her apartment door when they failed to reach her on phone the next day after her arrival from South Sudan. 

The case continues on November 26. The prosecution and Jowie’s lawyers are expected to argue an application for bail review. Jowie yesterday asked the court to release him on bail pending the completion of the case.

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