Kamket: Gideon Moi will make major announcement soon after complete fall of BBI

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 13:54 | By
Tiaty MP William Kamket. Photo/PD/File

Kenya African National Unity (KANU) party leader Gideon Moi will make a major announcement in the coming days, Tiati MP William Kamket has said.

Kamket said though Moi is part of One Kenya Alliance (OKA), it was time for him to make his political stand known especially after the Court of Appeal judgement on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Kamket said OKA principals have not met since last month when they were in Naivasha.

"Since the Court of Appeal ruling on BBI, things have not been the same. There was power arrangement that BBI proposed that now will not be there," Kamket said.

Kamket said Kenya needs alternative leadership which KANU is keen on providing.

"In the next few days, Kenyans will be hearing the news they have been waiting for. That's what does the Senator of Baringo want? Senator Gideon Moi will be making a major announcement that will shake the political aspect of this country," he said.

He, however, likened the OKA with the 2002 Rainbow Coalition that took over power.

"We see people planning their things. Us as KANU have been calculative on how we see what we can do," he added.

He added: "We are not enemies with OKA, we are partners but it is good to give Kenyans the alternative they have always been waiting for. We want as KANU to give Kenyans the alternative they have been waiting for."

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