Kananu: I achieved more than previous Nairobi governors did in 9 years

Friday, September 23rd, 2022 15:56 | By
Kananu: We achieved more than the previous govt could achieve in 9 years
Former Nairobi governor Anne Kananu. PHOTO/Facebook

Former Nairobi governor Anne Kananu now says her administration achieved more than the previous governments could achieve in nine years.

Kananu who has been touted as a 'caretaker' governor says she exceeded the target laid out by a wide margin. 

"In a hundred years, when historians study and sit down to scribble the history and transformation of Nairobi County, my name as the 3rd Governor will feature prominently. We achieved a lot under my tenure, more than what previous administrations could comprehend in 9 years," she wrote on social media.

But what did she really achieve? Peace?

In a previous statement, Kananu who was not granted similar accolades as other county bosses says she beat the special interests and delivered what was best for the Nairobians.

“As long as I am doing the right thing, I am not worried about what people say. President Uhuru was behind my ascension to power and he has no problem with me because since I assumed office, Nairobi has been peaceful,” she said.

Kananu took over the city following the disgraceful fall of former boss Mike Sonko.

She served for two years at the time when most of the critical functions of the county had been transferred to Nairobi Metropolitan Service(NMS) under Lieutenant General Mohamed Badi.

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