Kangundo West MCA unaware of Ksh10K monthly party fee, calls for dialogue

Monday, August 7th, 2023 23:06 | By
Kangundo West Charles Mbuva Muli. PHOTO/Zipporah Ngwatu.
Kangundo West Charles Mbuva Muli. PHOTO/Zipporah Ngwatu.

Kangundo West Member of the County Assembly (MCA), Charles Mbuva, has revealed his lack of awareness regarding the monthly party contributions he is expected to make to the political party under which he was elected.

Mbuva, who secured his seat with a ticket from the Grand Dream Development Party (GDDP), expressed that he was previously unaware of the obligation to contribute ten thousand shillings monthly to the party.

Open Dialogue

He underscored that, in his perspective, the issue could be resolved through an open dialogue. Mbuva suggested the importance of convening a discussion to collectively address any party-related fees, ensuring a harmonious resolution to the matter at hand.

“ If there are any fees that I am supposed to pay to the political party we should have a sitting, discuss it and come to an agreement,” Mca Mbuva said.

Mbuva says being expected to pay up to Ksh10,000 monthly, is like breaking his leg because as Members of the Assembly, they represent people with a lot of problems and that amount can help some pay fees, and hospital bills among others for them.

Mbuva who is the only elected leader with the GDDP party ticket in the country, has accused his party leader Kangundo Member of Parliament Fabian Muli and the entire party of intimidation.

He says that the demand for him to pay the party contributions came after he joined other members of the County Assembly to meet with Matungulu Member of Parliament Mutinda Mule when he called them for a meeting whose agenda is not yet out to the public.

“This is not a surprise to me, because I expected this after I joined some members of the county assembly to meet with a Member of the National Assembly Mutinda Mule, this is pure victimization,” Mbuva said.

Mbuva has said that he will not be intimidated because of meeting with other leaders for the betterment of the people who elected them and expect good service from them.

He has also said that the party should note that he is not able to pay for the party expenses through the Ksh 10,000 monthly submissions to them.

GDDP letter

Grand Dream Development Party (GDDP) wrote a letter to Mca Mbuva on August 3, 2023, demanding that he clears arrears for the monthly contribution to the party amounting to Ksh 110,000 with immediate effect.

The party alleged that the member of the county assembly has not paid a single coin since September when he assumed his office after last year’s general elections in August 2022.

“ The Party is hereby asking you to urgently remit your mandatory monthly contributions accrued to the party from the month of September 2022 up to date which amounts to a period of 11 months with a cumulative total of Ksh 110,000,” Part of the letter read.

Letter from GDDP Party
Letter from GDDP Party Charles. PHOTO/Zipporah Ngwatu

The party threatened to authorize the clerk of the County Assembly of Machakos to automatically deduct his remittances to the GDDP bank account under the system check-off if he does not honour the party demand to pay up the arrears.

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