‘Hampati ata chembe’ – Karen Nyamu hits out at Raila

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 13:37 | By
Nyamu Raila
Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Nominated senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has weighed in on Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition huncho Raila Odinga's recent demands to president William Ruto.

In a Facebook post shared, Nyamu expressed that Raila's demands were outrageous and were showing cluelessness. She added that the opposition leader should learn when to retreat or fight back in politics.

"In politics I have mastered something called reading the signs of the times. And this is where Baba Raila Amollo Odinga and Martha Karua seem to be showcasing cluelessness," she wrote.

Nyamu further underscored that anyone who thinks of holding demonstrations in a bid to have negotiations for a piece of cake at the Ruto-led administration is deluded.

"President Ruto was vehemently against the 2018 handshake and its repercussions. Anybody who imagines maandamano will lead to negotiations with the president is deluded. Hampati ata chembe Pls go back to the drawing board," she wrote.

Earlier, Raila had vowed not to recognise Ruto as the country's president. He also demanded that the Kenya Kwanza government resigns, arguing that it had neither the mandate of the people nor the ability to govern.

Additionally, the opposition leader and other leaders allied to the Azimio faction asked Kenyans to reject the Ruto-led administration.

While describing the policies as “unfortunate and unfair”, Raila said they must be resisted and urged his supporters to start the resistance at once.

He also noted that he did not agree with the electoral commission — which declared Ruto the winner of the August election — and the Supreme Court, which upheld the election. Raila said the two institutions had been hijacked by cartels. The opposition leader spoke hours after he returned to the country after a short tour of South Africa.

"We as Azimio reject the 2022 election results,” he said. “We cannot and will not recognise the Kenya Kwanza regime and we consider the Kenya Kwanza government illegitimate. We don’t recognise Mr William Ruto as President of Kenya and we equally don’t recognise any officials in the office with him."

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