Kasipul MP threatens to forcefully evict county employees who opposed Wanga’s candidature

Saturday, August 27th, 2022 12:17 | By
Kasipul MP Charles Ong'ondo speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of Homabay governor Gladys Wanga. PHOTO/Habil Onyango
Kasipul Member of Parliament Charles Ong'ondo Were speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of Homa Bay governor Gladys Wanga. PHOTO/Habil Onyango

Kasipul Member of Parliament Charles Ong'ondo has threatened to, using his goons, forcefully evict Homa Bay county employees who opposed Governor Gladys Wanga's candidature.

He served the said employees with a notice claiming they must pack and go peacefully.

"I have suffered for the success of the incoming county leadership (Gladys Wanga's leadership) and I can now issue notice to those who opposed Gladys Wanga's candidature. It's high time you carried your own baggage and left if you know you used to abuse Wanga during the campaign period," the second term MP stated.

"All thieves must go for us to start afresh. We will give the Governor and her administration political support and if anyone refuses to leave the office, I will forcefully remove him or her using my goons," Were threatened.

Were said this in the full glare of the outgoing governor Cyprian Awiti and his deputy Hamilton Orata and a number of county employees who attended the swearing-in ceremony of Wanga and her deputy Oyugi Magwanga.

Were further said that they will hold a major prayer at the governor's office before she takes over a matter which raised eyebrows among the members of the public.

Reacting to Were's outburst, Awiti warned him to watch his tongue while talking in public.

Awiti said being a national leader, Were must carefully select what he says in front of a public gathering by not inciting the community against each other.

"You see Ong'ondo, you are a leader and do not just talk for the sake of it, you must be tamed," he warned the MP.

"I know you are over-excited about today's event and you want to take mileage out of it but remember you are a leader," Awiti added.

The swearing ceremony was held at Homa Bay Stadium and attended by a number of dignitaries including Martha Karua, the Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga's running mate.

Wanga and her deputy took over from Awiti and Orata whose ten-year tenure came to an end on Thursday.

Homabay governor Gladys Wanga taking the oath of office.
Homabay governor Gladys Wanga taking the oath of office.

Wanga, however, promised to restructure and reorganize her government in line with the manifesto they presented to the people during her campaigns.

"We are committed to satisfactory service delivery and all-inclusive government geared towards realising remarkable milestones with good governance and development," Wanga said.

"I know our people have been hopeful that Homa Bay, just like other parts of Kenya, will benefit, in a big way, from the fruits of devolved funds to counties and we will ruthlessly deal with the workers who sleep on duty and engage in corruption," she added.

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