Kenyan singer quarantined over coronavirus

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 11:48 | By

Kenyan artiste Yusriya Salim aka Meg C is fearing for her life after she was put under quarantine on Monday.

The Nipe hitmaker was coming back home from Tanzania when she was flagged off with a suspected Covid-19 infection at the Kenyan-Tanzanian boarder.

According to a video seen exclusively by PD Online, the singer said that she had been travelling from March 1 and that she was coming back into the country to release a few songs she's been working on.

"Don't call me selfish because I could have chosen to stay at home, but I couldn't for I have to hustle for my kids.

"I was quarantined because I am coughing a lot and my temperature was a little bit high.

"I am now in isolation here at the border waiting for the doctors.

" I am living in fear, but I know and hope I am not infected with the virus," she says.

Meg C is said to be dating Tanzanian singer Country Boy. 

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