Kenyans staring at possible rise in power prices if drought situation persists

Saturday, February 11th, 2023 10:45 | By
CS Energy David Chirchir
CS Energy David Chirchir PHOTO/Courtesy

Kenyans could be staring at a possible power rise if the drought situation in the country will persist.

According to Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir, the seven folks dams are having worrying low water levels that might push Kengen to close down Masinga Dam which would cut the power which is produced by the 7 dams.

Speaking in Kamburu Dam in Embu county after visiting Masinga Dam in Machakos county Chirchir highlighted that Kengen would result in using geothermal and diesel which are more expensive than hydro to fill in the power gap and that would automatically push power prices slightly higher.

"As we are all aware for the last 5 years we have had a serious failure in the rains and you will appreciate when you see the water levels that we have a challenge. So we are here today to appreciate the management of the hydrology and what we have to do to make sure the water levels are able to support us until the period we will experience longer rains," CS David Chirchir said.

Masinga dam that produces 40 megawatts acts as a reservoir for the other four dams namely Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma and Kiambeere.

The CS noted that if the catchment areas around Mt Kenya that feed river tana do not receive rainfall by March 10, then Kengen will scale down in power production.

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