Kerosene users biggest beneficiaries as price drops by Sh17 a litre

Sunday, June 14th, 2020 20:03 | By
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FUEL:  Kenyans using paraffin to light their homes and cook are the biggest beneficiaries in the latest monthly fuel price review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra), after the commodity was reduced by a massive Sh17.31 a litre.

In the new prices announced by Epra yesterday and which take effect at midnight, the price of super petrol has gone up by Sh5.77 a litre, while diesel will retail at a reduced price by Sh3.8. The prices will remain in force for the next 30 days.

Landing cost

In effecting the price changes, Epra said the landing cost of super petrol spiked by 31.54 per cent from $188.7 (Sh20,088.2) per cubic metres in April 2020 to $248.21 (Sh26,423.3) in May 2020, while the landing cost of diesel decreased by 5.58 per cent from $228.62 (Sh24,337.9) from to $242.13 (Sh25,776.1) per cubic metres and kerosene decreased by 51.84 per cent from $262.44 (Sh27,938.2) per cubic metres to $126.29 (Sh13,444.3).

“The free on board (FOB) price of Murban crude oil lifted in May 2020 was posted at $23.52 (Sh2,503.8) per barrel, an increase of 33.33 per cent from $17.64 (Sh1877.9) per barrel in April 2020,” said Epra director general Robert Oimeke.

Oimeke said over the same period, the mean monthly US dollar to Kenya Shilling exchange rate appreciated by 0.17 per cent from Sh106.83 in April 2020 to Sh106.65 in May.

In Nairobi, motorists will pay Sh89.10 and Sh74.57 for a litre of super and diesel respectively, while paraffin consumers will fork out Sh62.46 per litre. 

Those in Mombasa will pay Sh86.62, Sh72.09 and Sh59.99 respectively for a litre of super, diesel and paraffin respectively, while in Eldoret, a litre of super will retail at Sh89.94 that of diesel will hit Sh75.59 with paraffin being sold at Sh63.51 a litre. 

Those in Nakuru will pay Sh88.96 for a litre of super, Sh74.62 for diesel of the same amount while paraffin will retail at Sh62.54 a litre.

At the lakeside town of Kisumu, a litre of super will be sold at Sh89.94, that of diesel at Sh75.58 with kerosene going for Sh63.51.

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