Alfred Keter: I will take over opposition from Raila

Thursday, February 29th, 2024 12:34 | By
Alfred Keter: I will take over opposition from Raila
Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter. PHOTO/(@AlfredKeter)Facebook

Ex-Nandi Hills Member of Parliament (MP) Alfred Keter has launched his bid to take over from Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya Raila Odinga as the opposition leader following his recent bid for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship.

Addressing residents in Nakuru, Keter, a fierce critic of the President William Ruto-led regime, stood firm on his position saying he was firmly in the opposition, he emphasized that with Raila eyeing the AUC top job, he is going to hold the position tighter than before.

Keter also affirmed that he would not be cowed by any threats from the government as he was eligible and had the resources to become an opposition leader or even a president.

"In any case naona wabunge wote wako hapa wanaunga mkono serikali, mimi I'm in the opposition, sasa vile Raila ametoka ndio nimeingia opposition vizuri ata kama ni kusimama rais tutasimama, msitutishe sisi we have everything kama ni Kapsabet boys tulienda, Nairobi university tulienda," Keter said.

Loosely translates to;

"I see all our MPs and everyone here are supporting the government. As for me, I am the opposition. Raila is exiting the arena for the AU role, and I am already in his place. In fact, I have held it tightly now that he is out. Even if it means becoming the president, I will. You should not threaten us because if it is Kapsabet Boys High School, I went there, University of Nairobi I was there. I have everything."

While criticizing the government, Keter additionally underscored that the country had a lot of potential to rise above the odds and reach par with countries such as South Korea and Singapore, he claimed that the country was still lagging in development because of its leaders whom he says have refused to explore its full potential.

He particularly called out the Head of State over his decision to send a section of Kenyan nurses to the United Kingdom (UK) for work. Keter recounted that it was unfortunate for a president to issue such directives when the country was facing a shortage of medical expertise.

"Let me tell you this, this country has a lot of potential it can be delivered like other countries such as South Korea, Singapore and any other country, I find it so hard to believe when I hear the president mentioning that he wants our people to go to Saudi Arabia, our nurses with experience to go to UK, it is a good thing as a self-driven issue, as a family you can send your daughter, but not as a president because as we speak we don't have staff in hospitals but you send our daughters to other countries," Keter added.

He, at the same time, told off Ruto over his policies saying he was a good orator and marketer who often lied to the people to get what he wanted. The former legislator also assured Kenyans that given an opportunity he would revolutionise the country and steer it towards the right direction and develop it.

"Our president is a very good marketer, he can market anything, including kaptengelei, kufinya computer pesa itoke we unaamini? na ye mwenyewe amesema wapumbavu wamepungua, boda boda are the most suffering in this country, mama mboga. Wale wanataka kukula huko wakule mimi siwezi kula na siandikwi kazi, mimi ni kusema ukweli ili Kenya ibadilike because I believe we can transform this country, ata mkinipatia opportunity I can transform this country bila uongo," he added.

Loosely translates to:

"Our president is a very good marketer, he can market anything. For those who want to eat from the government, let them do so. I will not join them because there is no job I am aiming to get. After all, I believe we can transform this country. If you give me an opportunity I can do it without lies. We want to believe in the truth because it will set us free," Keter added.

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