Kiambu: Four family members, farmhand murdered in cold blood

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 14:13 | By
Griefing relatives at the homestead where their 5 family members were murdered yesterday in Ndũndũ village, Karura Ka Mũrĩmo, Kiambu county PHOTO/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Residents of Kagongo village in Kiambaa Sub-county woke up to grief after they found five family members and a farm hard murdered.

The cold blood murder left  Nicholas Njoroge, his wife Wanjiku Njoroge, both nurses, their two children and a relative a family farmhand dead.

The body of their farmhand was found in the family's neighbour compound.

The bodies of the nurses were severely butchered with the husbands stomach having been dismembered.

According to a brother of the deceased Njire Warunge who spoke to reporters outside the palatial home said the deceased family, the family had no conflict.

He said that his brother had stayed for only one month in the country since returning from the United States where he was living. 

He urged the security apparatus in Kiambu to conduct  thorough investigation and identify the actual cause of the bizarre murder.

Grieving family members and neighbours outside the home where five family members and a farmhand were killed by unknown people

Currently, security officials, led by Kiambu County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, Kiambu police commander Ali Dubat Nuno and homicide detectives are inside the house conducting preliminary investigations

It is an incident that has been strongly condemned by neighbors and residents of this village, who say that the security situation in the area has been fragile and their cries have been addressed by

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