Kifo, the suspect who sealed his wife with super glue arrested while seeking help from a witch doctor

Thursday, May 21st, 2020 09:06 | By
James Kifo Kariuki

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal have arrested a notorious criminal who glued his wife genitals last week while seeking help from a witchdoctor at Tseikuru in Kitui County.

According to police sources James Kifo 33 was netted by the DCI in a renown Witchdoctor homestead where he went to seek dark forces power to evade police arrest.

Kifo who is also facing three counts of criminal offences fell into police dragnet. Police had been been trailing him since Saturday after he sexually assaulted his wife in presence of their 2 year old son.

"We have been trailing him closely and we found him at the witchdoctor premises while rituals were being performed to him," said a police source.

The suspected is said to have sexually assaulted his wife before sealing his private parts with superglue claiming it was a way to tame her alleged cheating behaviour.

Confirming the incident, the area police Commander Kiprop Rutto who termed it as inhuman and satanic said the culprit is at large and police have lunched manhunt for suspect who escaped the arrest.

According to a family source, James Kifo Muriuki is said to have sought in vain, the man he alleged was having an affair with his wife on arrival at Marimati town on Saturday night after sneaking out of Nairobi where he has been working as a night guard in Utawala Estate.

The source further said the couple which has been married for the last six years has been having extramarital conflicts often with the husband threatening to kill his wife accusing her of sleeping with another man.

" He was breathing fire when he arrived on Saturday around 8.00pm and he told me he must deal with the man who has been sleeping with his wife although he did not disclose his name to me but I think due to evening_ dawn curfew he did not manage to get the man, " said a relative who sort anonymity.

The irate middle aged man is however said to have taken the wrath to his 23 year old lover who he applied a mixture of pepper, garlic onions and salt to her genitals before sodomizing her and beating her mercilessly near Kathita River where he had dragged her in pretense they needed to escape a police arrest.

According to police sources the only son to a renown area tycoon is reported to have tricked his wife and their two- year -old son who is ironically named Usijali Kifo to accompany him to visit their cousin at Kamatungu location three kilometres from their residential home.

Further the police reviled that Mr. Kifo had earlier written to the wife parents a short message on the fateful day that he will kill her.

"The suspect intention was to kill his wife and also hunt and eliminate the man he alleged he was having an affair with his wife because he had written to her parents who hill from Nyahururu in Nyeri County that they will not see their daughter again and the mother to the victim immediately sent her daughter ks.2000 so she could travel home but the unsuspecting mother of one declined,"said area OCS Robert Musila.

"I heard some quarrel on Saturday night and James was threatening his wife to name all the men she has been sleeping with for all time he had been away but after a short time everything went calm only to learn later the beastly ordeal done to the woman, "said a Neighbor.

The police officer said the woman who was rushed to Marimati level four hospital for treatment by villagers who came to her rescue and discharged on Monday morning was ordered to undress and compelled to name his lover under threat to kill her if she decline the orders.

"she was forced to take off all her clothes in presence of their son who was used by his father to hold the torch light as he glued his mother genitals,eyes,mouth and ears and sodomized her repeatedly as the child watched and cried helplessly a distress call that attracted the villagers who rescued her and took her to hospital ,"said the police source.

" The suspect used a mixture of sand and super glue and he used a razor like knife to push the glue inside her private parts before closing every opening with the same " said the Rutto.

He said the man who is a wanted criminal and facing three counts of robbery with violence cases will be charged with sexual assault once netted.

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