Kikuyu elders join war on illicit brews

Monday, May 29th, 2023 14:12 | By
Kikuyu Council of Elders

The war against illicit brews and second-generation liquor received a major boost after the Kikuyu Council of Elders joined the fight in a bid to educate the community on their harmful effects.

In Thika, Kiambu County, the elders have devised unique campaign strategies against the harmful substances hoping to rescue a substantial percentage of the affected following a countrywide outcry over return of the illegal drinks.

Armed with microphones and in their Kikuyu traditional regalia, the elders are now using caravans to crisscross across all corners of the vast sub-county sensitising locals on the dangers of illegal substances that have become a major concern in the area.

Among the illegal substances that the elders have put up a fight against are chang’aa, kang’ara, bhang, kuber, nicotine, heroine, injectables among other illegal substances that are said to have rendered many, especially the youth unproductive.

Led by Ng’ang’a Gacengeci, the kiama kiama elders chairman in Thika, they regretted unscrupulous traders have been flouting stipulated regulations to stock unlicensed and illegal alcohol brands. “We are appealing to the government to take stern measures against the producers of lethal alcohol which is being sold in the entire Mt Kenya region but is worst in Kiambu where illegal distilleries have been established even in the villages,” said Gacengeci.

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