Kinoti: Respect police even with their ‘low education’

Friday, June 10th, 2022 01:50 | By
Former DCI boss George Kinoti. PHOTO/Courtesy
Formert DCI boss George Kinoti. PHOTO/Courtesy

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti yesterday urged politicians and the public to respect the National Police Service (NPS).

He regretted that police officers have been demeaned over time and considered as ‘academic dwarfs’, which is uncalled for given their high level of intelligence.

“To some extent, you have heard us being demeaned that perhaps we only need arms and legs, that we are academic dwarfs and that we never went to school and something like that instead of celebrating our emotional intelligence,” said Kinoti.

 “You make fun of our academic and intelligence but criminally talking, when you provoke that officer taking care of you diligently, an officer who is ready to give his blood and life for you and is holding a fully loaded firearm, demeaning to an extent of provoking him, he may most likely commit a felony,” added Kinoti.

Remain calm

He was reacting to recent claims by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malalah that police officers do not necessarily need higher education, but rather just “two hands and legs” to do the job. Malalah has since apologised for the remarks.

The said though a police officer is accused of some kind of academic inadequacy, they need to be celebrated because they remain calm, absorb all the insults and demeaning language and after that, they still serve and salute people.

The DCI spoke during the launch of Kodris Africa coding content, even as he lauded the brains behind the product saying it is the foundation of technological advancement.

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