Kioni calls on religious leaders to remain impartial

Monday, August 22nd, 2022 04:29 | By
Jubilee party secretary-general Jeremiah Kioni
Jubilee party secretary-general Jeremiah Kioni PHOTO/Courtesy
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Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has appealed to religious leaders to be impartial and offer leadership post-election.

Kioni, who spoke in Nakuru after meeting Jubilee elected leaders at the region’s headquarters, said it was unfortunate that some Church leaders have been initiated to play partisan politics at the expense of preaching peace and unity.

He took note of the happenings at the Bomas of Kenya, where he alleges some religious leaders openly made statements that exhibited partisan inclinations at a very sensitive period.

“I was surprised to hear the leader of the Anglican Church saying they thank God the country was back. You wonder what that means. Where was the nation?” he asked.

Kioni also said it was worrying for respected leaders to utter such words not mindful that some of the congregants are also followers of different political factions.

“Such statements need an explanation, and we need to focus on ensuring the country remains peaceful and united by being in the forefront as religious leaders. Do not put your guard down,” said Kioni.

Better strategies

Kioni congratulated those elected and re-elected through the Jubilee ticket, noting that others encountered massive rigging to keep them out of office in most areas of Mt Kenya, saying something needs to be done.

“We have no country if we do not address the massive rigging in elections. It is a scheme that hooked in officials of the electoral body and security agencies,” Kioni said.

Outgoing Ndaragwa MP thanked Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga for calling for peace and tolerance among his supporters, as they seek legal redress saying it showcases maturity.

Kioni called on elected leaders to remain faithful by delivering what they promised Kenyans, saying one cannot look for votes and even before the dust settles, they begin migrating.

Kioni warned that members who will be seen engaging in activities that show allegiance to other parties or coalitions risk losing their seats, noting  the pre-election agreement is binding and any breach of the deal is likely to attract penalties.

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