Kisumu: Thieves steal guns and bullets from a police station

Sunday, March 29th, 2020 12:16 | By
Crime Scene
Crime Scene. Photo/Courtesy

Police officers in Kisumu are hunting down suspects who broke into Kibos police post and stole an assortment of weapons on Saturday night, March 28.

According to a report filed by police sergeant David Makali at the nearby Miwani Police Station, the burglars broke into the station at around 11 pm after the officer on duty briefly left for his house.

"Today around 2320 hours, he was in the house when he was informed by Police Constable Peter Ochieng who was at he report office personnel that he had gone home and found the armoury broken on returning(sic)" read the statement.

On returning , Constable Peter Ochieng found the armoury broken into and weapons that were store there missing. The constable informed police sergeant David Makali.

From the station, the thieves made away with three rifles, a G3, Liai and MP5 rifles.

According to Kisumu County Police commander, 155 rounds of ammunition were also stolen from the station.

The officers from Kibos called for reinforcement from Miwani Police Station to pursue the suspects but because of the heavy rains pounding the area, they could not trace their footprints.

The suspects are said to have vanished into a nearby cane plantation.

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