KNEC releases timetable for Form Four exams

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 06:50 | By
A police officer accompanies an official during the distribution of materials in Kisumu during a past national exam. PD/file

 Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) yessterday released the 2022 Kenya Certificate Secondary Education (KCSE) examination timetable with main papers scheduled to start on December 2.

Candidates will sit English Paper One (Functional Skills) and Chemistry Paper One followed by Mathematics Paper One and English Paper Two (Comprehension, Literary Appreciation and Grammar) on Monday December 5.

On Tuesday December 6, the candidates will sit English Paper Three, Chemistry Paper Two and General Science Paper One.

Both Kiswahili Papers One and Two will be done on Wednesday December 7, whereas Mathematics Paper Two will be done on Thursday followed by Kiswahili Paper Three.

Biology Paper One

Candidates will on Friday December 9 do Chemistry Practicals. Christian Religious Education, Hindu and Islamic Religious Education exams will be done on December 13, the same day Biology paper one exam will be done.

Wednesday December 14, candidates will sit for Christian Religious Education, Hindu and Islamic Religious Education examinations paper two and later History and Government Paper One.

Biology paper two will be done on Thursday December 15, with candidates sitting for History and Government paper two and later Friday December 16, sit for Biology (Practical).

On Monday December 19, candidates will sit Physics Paper One and General Science Paper and Geography Paper One followed by Business Paper One and Agriculture on December 20.

Later, on December 21, candidates will sit for Physics paper two and Geography paper two whereas on Thursday December 22 candidates will tackle Business paper two and Agriculture paper two.

The last paper, Physics Practical, will be done on Friday December 23.

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