CJ Martha Koome meets judges hours after meeting Ruto

Monday, January 22nd, 2024 21:11 | By
CJ Martha Koome
CJ Martha Koome with officials of the Kenya Judges Welfare Association. PHOTO/@CJMarthaKoome/X

Chief Justice Martha Koome has held a meeting with the officials of the Kenya Judges Welfare Association moments after meeting President William Ruto and Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula.

In a statement after meeting the judges, Koome vowed to protect the constitutional principle that guarantees the independence of the Judiciary.

"I also reminded the Judges of our collective accord to root out graft, which undermines the rule of law and fair administration of justice. To augment efforts by the Judiciary and Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to address issues raised by the public on corruption and misconduct, the three arms of government and the Council of Governors agreed to individually develop policies, guidelines and legislative proposals to speed up corruption cases," Koome stated.

"They will develop and institutionalise mechanisms to streamline operations in the criminal justice continuum, use of technology, unlock pending legislation to tighten accountability and secure institutional resource optimality to fight corruption and improve services."

Ruto-Koome meeting

In a meeting with Ruto and other government representatives, it was agreed that within 30 days, each arm of government would submit the proposals made to a forum of the National Council of the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) convened by Koome.

"Specific measures will be presented at a meeting of NCAJ, which will result in a roadmap detailing short-term, medium term and long term strategies to address corruption, enhance delivery of services to the public and harness accountability across all arms of government."

The executive and legislature also agreed to support additional budgetary allocation to the judiciary for the hiring of more judges and to facilitate mobility.

President William Ruto meets CJ Martha Koome
President William Ruto meets CJ Martha Koome. PHOTO/PCS

At least 25 additional Judges of the High Court and 11 Judges of the Court of Appeal will be hired in efforts to optimise the human resource capacity in the judiciary.

"Support will be extended to Alternative Dispute Resolution, including AJS, facilitation of court circuits and mobile courts to deliver cost-effective justice, expand the reach of the Small Claims Courts and off-grid solar infrastructure to facilitate uninterrupted services," Koome stated.

During the meeting with Ruto, it was also agreed that the executive would provide resources to conclude the vehicle leasing program to facilitate the judiciary’s transport needs.

"Judges will be facilitated to engage with the public through 'open days' starting February to find common solutions towards efficient administration and delivery of justice. A Peer Review and Mentorship Framework for Judges and Judicial Officers will also be rolled out."

In recent days, the judiciary has been under attack by Ruto and a section of MPs, who have accused the third arm of government of rampant corruption.

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