KWS moves six hippos from Naivasha after attacks

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 02:15 | By
KWS Director-General Dr Erustus Kanga
KWS Director-General Dr Erustus Kanga. PHOTO/@ErustusKanga/X

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has relocated a family of six hippos that attacked and killed a 46-year-old worker at the Naivasha Water and Sewerage Company (Naivawasco) three weeks ago and left others with life-threatening injuries.

The hippos had turned the sewage treatment plant which is located adjacent to Lake Naivasha into their home since 2020, posing a great danger to the manpower running the operations at the facility.

Dr Dominic Mijele, Assistant Director of Veterinary Services at KWS while leading the exercise said the wild animals have been relocated to Laikipia county,in a secure place to avert any possible attacks in the future.

“We have been here for 10 days setting up traps, and we have managed to capture all the six hippos that are wreaking havoc by attacking people and disturbing workers at this plant. We have translocated them to Laikipia in a secured area in a freshwater pond where we expect them to thrive in that ecosystem,” said Mijele.


Mijele added that KWS has instructed Naivawasco to put up a fence to deter animals from trespassing into the plant.

He added that the ten day exercise has cost the government an upward of Sh3 million in relocating the hippos while noting that plans are in top gear to ensure those who have been attacked are compensated.

Cases of human-wildlife conflict in Naivasha have been escalating in the recent past as result of increase in human population leading to encroachment of areas that were initially occupied by wild animals.

Naivasha residents have reported an increase of freely roaming buffaloes in the area that are posing a great danger to human life in the area.

However, Dr Mijele said KWS is planning to relocate the buffaloes to nearby parks and conservancies to avoid any further attacks.

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