KWS translocates 12 hyenas t*****d in Juja after outcry

Friday, January 5th, 2024 07:00 | By
KWS translocates 12 hyenas trapped in Juja after outcry
KWS translocates 12 hyenas trapped in Juja after outcry PHOTO/Print

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has trans-located 12 hyenas from Juja, in Kiambu County in efforts to mitigate the human-animal conflict in the area.

In a statement, KWS says it has promptly deployed the Problem Animal Management Unit (PAMU), which strategically placed traps, initiated hyena captures and mobilized a veterinary unit to translocate and relocate the hyenas from the human-dominated area.

“Regrettably, Juja Sub-County in Kiambu county has witnessed a surge in human-hyena conflicts, resulting in the tragic loss of human life.

KWS extends condolences to the affected families,” read the statement.

The capture and relocation efforts were concentrated in various locations within the sub county, including Munyaka area in Theta Ward, Mwireri, Juja House, Athi Area, Gikumari Zone, Kimicha and Mwalimu Farms. “These interventions have significantly reduced the conflict. This approach involved actively tracking, capturing and translocating hyenas. - Oliver Musembi

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