Leaders root for w*rm relationship among arms of government

Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 09:00 | By
Bishop Moses Masaba. PHOTO/Print

A section of church and political  leaders have called on all the arms of government to work harmoniously and respect each institution.

Speaking at St Stephen Ngenge ACK Church on Sunday, the leaders said each institution has its own independence and only respect for the decision made by each side will guarantee harmony and good working relationship in all the government institutions.

Led by Embu Senator Alexander Mundigi, the leaders noted that there has been persisted disrespect of decisions made by many Government institutions and this has led to a scramble for supremo.

Mundigi observed that both the  Senate and National Assembly passed regulations to support the housing project by the Kenya Kwanza government, stating that all the processes were followed and the Judiciary should respect the independence of these institutions.

“Both Assemblies make laws for the Executive to implement and these are independent institutions. The Judiciary should also consider respecting  our decisions but not watering it down because that is what is bringing issues,” said Mundigi.

He stated as senators ,they will continue discharging their mandate without any fear, saying the laws they make are basically to facilitate development and address the challenges the people are facing.

However, Mbeere Diocese ACK Bishop Dr Moses Masamba took a swipe at leaders and urged them to stop blame games and work for the people .

Masamba stated that there is need to look for solutions without necessarily pointing fingers to others, emphasising that what is being experienced in the country might derail development for the people.

“This is not the time to say which government did not do what, or who did not do what. It is time now to work for the people,leaders should work for the people and stop what we are seeing,” Bishop Masamba noted.

Mbeti  South Ward Rep Murithi Kiura observed that there is need for institutions to embrace each other and focus on development  not sideshows.

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