Lobby raises alarm about unhygienic meat sources

Thursday, September 21st, 2023 08:30 | By
Fresh meat. PHOTO/Pexels

The Kenya Consumer Organization (KCO) has warned of health risks posed by unhygienic slaughterhouses and called on the government to take measures to rectify the situation.

KCO Chief Executive Churchill Omondi said a recent investigation had established shocking deficiencies in hygiene standards and food safety practices at many abattoirs across the country.

“We are urgently calling on the government to conduct thorough inspections of all meat slaughterhouses and ensure strict adherence to food safety standards and launch an awareness campaign to educate consumers about the importance of safe poultry products,” Omondi (pictured) said.

Swift action

According to the KCO investigations, leading retail chains have been selling meat that has been sourced from unlicensed slaughterhouses, exposing consumers to health risks.

“We call upon the government to take swift and decisive action to address this issue and protect the rights and health of consumers,” he said.

The investigations also revealed that many abattoirs had inadequate sanitation, including improper disposal of waste, leading to the risk of contamination and disease transmission.

Omondi said a significant number of slaughterhouses were operating without regular inspection, oversight, or adherence to food safety regulations, improper handling of poultry, including inadequate refrigeration and storage.

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