Local media asked to play key role in promoting artistes

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 00:15 | By
Shizo. PHOTO/Print

Two artists, Shizo Mkenya (pictured) and Justus Ngemu, have urged Kenyan media stations to prioritise local music to promote the local music industry.

The two say by playing local music, the media stations will be creating impact in the industry and in society while also empowering local artists.

Distribution model

“When we go to the best practices, you will find out that, with the distribution of royalties, a big percentage goes to the international artists due to the use of international content in most of our media stations, meaning the distribution model favours the international artists over the local ones. When we urge the media to play local content, it is just to build the Kenyan music and creative industries,” said Ngemu, a popular artist who composed the song Kilio kwa Mungu.

Mkenya also urged the government to enforce the music policy that was prepared by the Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC), which, among other things, requires that 60 per cent of the music played on local stations be from Kenyan artists.

“I am aware that there is a music policy through the PPMC whereby the local stations are supposed to play local content up to 60 per cent, but there is no enforcement. So we are also asking the government to enforce the law immediately before we push it to over 90 per cent,” he explained.

“An artist earns when the music is played on TV stations and radio stations. So we want local content to be given priority on our media stations so that our artists can have money,” he added.

The two artists were speaking in Kakamega during a countrywide tour to engage with artists while popularising a new Content Management Organisation (CMO) known as Content Management Services (CMS).

This follows a suspension of licences for CMOs by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) pending a court case filed at the High Court of Kenya Nairobi on March 28, 2024, that will be heard and determined on May 30, 2024, according to a press statement issued by KECOBO on May 8, 2024.

Content Management Services is one of the CMOs that has applied to be licensed by KECOBO, promising a new era for artists in the hopes that it will turn around the music industry and guarantee returns for investing in their talents.

“Collective Management Services Limited is a serious federation. The new CMO is set to bring a fresh start to the Music Industry. We want something new that will streamline the music industry because we are tired. A fresh start and a One-stop-shop CMO,” he noted.

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