Lost without trace: Families agonise over missing candidates

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 00:00 | By
Evelynah Mukami alias Elah, 17. Form Four student Kerugoya Girls School.

Nyaboga Kiage

Just when parents were preparing their children who are sitting national examinations to return to school, five families were agonising over their whereabouts of their children after they disappeared without a trace.

 The family of Juliet Nyarieso Moriasi, 17, a Form Four student at Metamaywa Secondary School, Nyamira County has been trying to find her since September 10 when she walked out of their house in Obama Estate, Njiru along Kangundo Road never to return.   

According to her elder sister, Dorcas Nyaboke, who spoke on behalf of the parents, the minor had severally threatened she would one day leave home never to return.  

“We never took it any seriously but she kept telling us that one day she will never come back. My father once talked to her about it but she never stopped sending the warnings to us,” Nyaboke.  

 The last time the family interacted with her was on the day she disappeared. They had locked her up in her room after she started packing her clothes.   

 Nyaboke said the family trusted the minor so much they even left her behind when they went for the burial.  

Juliet Nyarieso Moriasi, 17- Metamaywa Secondary School.

 “She remained with our last born who is seven years old, we trusted her much and never knew that she could be so disappointing,” she said.  

Gone to relatives

 The elder sister said they thought that maybe she had gone to one of their relatives and they took 11 days trying to look for her in vain.  

They then reported the matter at Spring Valley Police Station under OB14/21/09/2020- and since then the police have been telling them that they are investigating the matter.  

 “All we have is the OB number and anytime we contact the police they promise that they are following up the matter, all we hope is that she is safe and she will come back just the same way she left,” said Nyaboke, who is a Third Year student at Pwani University.  

Another family in Kakamega has been searching in vain for their daughter, Beffin Sikatwa, 14, who disappeared on September 27.

Sikatwa, a Class Eight student at Kakamega Primary School walked out of her aunt’s house in Buru Buru Estate never to come back.  

The candidate who was scheduled to seat her Class Eight Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) this year had been staying with her aunt, Cynthia Musonye in Buru Buru since July when she arrived from Kakamega. 

Beffin Sikatwa, 14, a Class Eight student at Kakamega Primary School 

Vincent Musonye yesterday told People Daily that he had decided to send her daughter to the aunt in Nairobi so that she can have time to prepare for the examination. 

Little did he know that his daughter who he described as a bright student might end up vanishing from her aunt’s home. 

Evelynah Mukami alias Elah, 17, she was last seen on September 5 at her home in Ruiru near Zetech University.

The disappearance of the Form Four student at Kerugoya Girls High School was reported at the Ruiru Police Station under OB number 30/08/09/2020. 

People Daily has established that the minor was yesterday tracked down by detectives attached to Ruiru Police Station and found. 

In her revelation to the police she said that she opted to get a job and save the money as pocket money but the police said that investigations are still ongoing. 

“We have found her and we are still grilling her so that we can milk more information,” a detective privy to the matter attached to Ruiru police station said. 

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