LSK opposes CJ Koome’s decision to seek dialogue with Ruto

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 14:21 | By
LSK opposes CJ Koome’s decision to seek dialogue with Ruto
LSK President Eric Theuri accompanied by Vice President Faith Odhiambo during a past press conference. PHOTO/Charles Mathai

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has expressed its reservations over Chief Justice Martha Koome's calls for dialogue with the Executive over a recent outburst on corruption in the Judiciary.

Addressing the media, LSK President Eric Theuri opposed any talks between Koome and President William Ruto, insisting that the Head of State should instead apologise for his sustained attacks on the third arm of government.

"We take a very firm position that the Chief Justice should not, under any circumstances, have a dialogue with the Executive over its remarks. The proper thing the President should do is to withdraw those remarks and apologise to Kenyans," Theuri stated.

Theuri's remarks come a day after opposition leader Raila Odinga also criticized the proposal for talks between the Executive and the Judiciary following President Ruto's threats to defy court orders halting key government projects.

Addressing ODM supporters in Vihiga County on Tuesday, the opposition chief said talks between the CJ and President Ruto would amount to compromising the Judiciary.

Raila insisted that there was no need for Koome to call for dialogue with the Executive, emphasising that the Judiciary is an independent body that should not be frustrated in any way.

He said the Executive has a right to appeal any rulings they do not agree with without compromising the Judiciary.

“There is no need for CJ Koome calling for dialogue with President William Ruto. The Judiciary is independent. Calling dialogue with President Ruto is the beginning of compromising our judiciary,” Raila warned.

President Ruto, on his part, yesterday welcomed the calls for dialogue with the Judiciary, adding that the talks should extend to the Legislature.

Ruto said dialogue would help end impunity, corruption and vested interests.

“I am going to lead from the front in the conversation between the executive and the judiciary so that we can deal with the monster that is destroying our country and the corrupt who go to court,” he said.

The President spoke during the commissioning of the Tinderet Integrated Technical and Trainers College in Nandi County.

Koome censures Ruto

CJ Koome on Monday warned that Ruto's recent remarks on disobeying court orders pose a threat to societal order.

Speaking during a press conference called by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), the President of the Supreme Court said that if the attacks are allowed to continue, they could lead to a constitutional crisis.

“The declaration that they will no longer obey Court Orders and the subsequent actual defiance of the orders granted by the courts are untenable and amount to contempt of court. Allowed to continue unabated, we are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis that can lead to untold civil strife. The judiciary and JSC cannot countenance this and will not be part of it,” she said.

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